On November 10th, 2020, The Aspie Teacher officially became Autism Unfurled. This name change was made to reflect the dynamic nature of my family’s journey towards understanding ourselves and the world around us.


I am a mom of two, a science teacher, and a crazy cat lady. I am also autistic. I was diagnosed at the age of 36 a year after my son was diagnosed and six months after my daughter was diagnosed.  My daughter also has Bipolar II.  I have learned how to be an advocate for my children and also an advocate for myself. Autism is not a disease and it can not be cured. Those of us who are on the spectrum only wish to be accepted for who we are and ask to have help when we need it. The world can be a very alien place for us.

I began blogging on Tumblr under the name Geeky Science Mom.  You can find my Tumblr blog here – http://geekysciencemom.tumblr.com/.  Writing has become my “voice” and I have found that I am writing longer and longer blogs.  This is why I have begun writing on WordPress.

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